How It Works

An Easy Process

Selling a home to Chicagoland Home Buyer is a simple, easy process. We work hard to makes sure that we understand your needs and provide you with a no-hassle process, which saves the seller time from dealing with an agent and buyer – and then paying extra commissions and closing costs. Many times our offers are similar to what you would net going through that lengthy process.

If you have any questions about the process of selling your home to Chicagoland Home Buyer, just call us anytime and we’ll discuss the details with you.

BEWARE: Lots of individuals and companies advertise opportunities to sell your home. Many “Real Estate Investors” aren’t legitimate, credible, or reputable and can leave you hung out to dry at closing. Too many investors try to sell their contract or convince you to take a serious financial hit over repairs. Always be sure to get proof of funds from a known bank. We also recommend using an IL Multi-Board Real Estate Contract 6.1 approved by IL Real Estate Lawyers Association to guarantee a smooth outcome and that a cash home buyer puts down a reasonable sum as earnest money. ALWAYS make sure that you’re working with a reputable home investor.

Get Your Cash Offer, NOW!

No matter what condition, shape, or size, we buy all homes! With over 1,000 transactions, we’ve developed an easy, efficient process to get you a fair offer for your home.